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How to Make the Most of Your Expo Exhibit Space From Milestones Party & Event Planning Expo

1. You have only seconds to grab someone’s attention. Show-stopping graphics, combined with several large words and your company name, convey the message quickly and attract attention.

2. Try a live demonstration or a video loop to show your product or service in action or being produced. This gives a focal point to attract attention, and it always works.

3. Avoid too many graphics at once in a display. Fewer and larger works better and causes less confusion.

4. If your company’s name is a household word, or you represent such a company, display the company’s logo prominently. Otherwise, don’t overpower your sign with the name. Instead, balance the sign between logo and message.

5. Small touches such as plants or flowers, a fancy tablecloth, or unique lighting set you apart from other exhibitors.

6. Remember to leave room for brochures, cards and give-aways on your table.

7. If you have an electric display, don’t forget to pack extra extension cords, bulbs, fuses, etc.

8. Ask your expo coordinator for extra tickets to hand out to your customers. And don’t forget to mention the expo in your advertising.

9. Giving away premiums (pens, letter openers, key chains, etc.) is a great way to make a lasting impression on potential customers. Remember to have your name and phone number imprinted (or tagged) on the premium. If it cannot be imprinted, it’s probably not a good premium.

10. Expensive premiums (give-aways such as t-shirts, hats, coffee mugs, etc.) are best stored behind your table, but in the open to attract visitors. Use these also to disengage from visitors at the right time.

11. A dish of candy is only good to keep someone at your booth while you talk to another prospect. Remember to acknowledge waiting attendees with eye contact and a nod, or “I’ll be with you in a moment.”

12. At the expo, your job is to connect with people, to get them to like you, and to build a rapport with potential customers. If people don’t like you and the way you do business, you will not be successful.

13. Avoid spending too much time with one potential client, at the risk of avoiding others.

14. Avoid pitching, or giving out too much information to prospects who may not be interested. Instead, offer concise answers to legitimate questions; not too pushy, just a professional demeanor. Again, you are looking to build rapport.

15. To avoid fatigue, eat properly, get plenty of rest, and wear comfortable shoes and clothing, if you can. Also, be sure to move back and forth occasionally to exercise you legs and feet. Or bring a partner and take turns checking out the expo.

16. Be well groomed, keep your display neat and attractive. And know your display and the product.

17. Don’t smoke, eat or drink at the display, don’t sit, and don’t leave your space unattended.

18. Avoid closed or irrelevant questions as openers. Instead, engage the prospect with conversation about their event, what services they need, what service they have contracted, the date, etc.

19. Disengaging from unqualified prospects should be done promptly and professionally. No need to be rude, but people expect you to disengage as a part of your expo duties.

20. Follow up with your own list of visitors immediately, then use the list of attendees received after the expo as a follow-up list for direct mail or telemarketing contact. There may have been attendees who legitimately wanted to talk to you but ran out of time, so don’t waste the opportunity!

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